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Intenga about us

Intenga consists of a small team of programmers, web developers, designers, teachers and English language experts. We aim to change the way individuals approach language learning by harnessing numerous multimedia methods made available to us through elearning technologies to cater for every student's preferred learning strategy. We are at the forefront of elearning in the English language and look forward to expanding to include other languages in the future.
Social media and free content are important to us. We enjoy a considerable presence on sites such as Facebook and YouTube and find they often constitute the first point of contact for our students, enabling them to very quickly gain an idea of what we are all about and enter into an an active community of English language learners guided by committed professionals. 

Meet Us

You can get to know the team behind Intenga by browsing through the descriptions on the right hand side of this page. If you are a student, it is very likely that you'll have the pleasure of meeting one or two of us in a live lesson or in a live support session. If you are a teacher or simply interested in the services we offer, we are always open to collaborations and will always entertain any ideas you may have regards our beautiful box. Check out Teacherbox for more ideas on collaborations.
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